Dedicated to simplifying operational processes, delivering greater profitability and improved customer service levels, as well as driving down the cost of moving containers from port-to-door, Containerchain is trusted by the cargo shipping and landside logistics communities on three continents.

Managing more than 20,000 container movements daily, the Containerchain platform and suite of products provide real-time


paperless information exchange, automation of manual processes, proactive operational planning tools, total container movement visibility, and real-time synchronised connectivity across the supply chain.

A technology innovator with the DNA of a logistics company, we help the industry unlock trapped value, reduce inefficiencies, and deliver improved service levels.


“In the twentieth century, container logistics radically changed the world economy. In the twenty-first century, digitisation is radically changing it again. Our goal is to bring these two powerful forces together and create a sustainable future for an industry that is the bedrock of global prosperity.”

- Tony Paldano, CEO, Containerchain

Global scale, local expertise

Australia / New Zealand / Singapore / Malaysia / Germany / Netherlands / Belgium / France